March 20th 2019 – Full Moon in Libra

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We are being initiated once again through a 00-degree full moon. This brings about a fast-tracked releasing & purging of what isn’t serving our highest good so that we can usher in the fresh new beginnings that are waiting for us to claim as ours.

This Full Moon happens as the Sun just moves into fiery Aries.
The Moon opposes the Sun in airy Libra.

We can feel pulled in two directions.
We have a sudden urge to forge ahead with our own plans for self-development but we are being asked to consider everyone else involved in our lives first.

The Aries-Libra polarity is significant in that they represent two of the most primal forces of human nature- our sense of self (Aries) and our relationship to other humans (Libra). 

We rely on relationships for both the survival & reproduction of our species. But without a clear sense of our individual identities, we become co-dependent and unable to fulfil our destinies- which is a huge disservice to all of humanity!

Libra reminds us that we are never alone & if we want to gain all that partnership has to offer us we must learn to compromise & bend our will to a certain extent.

There are gifts in this cooperation that range from bountiful romantic love to successful business partnerships.

Merging skills, resources & minds together has the potential for so much more creative than we can achieve on our own.

And so the healthy Aries within us bravely individuates & goes on a quest to find our souls purpose, & fights for our piece of the puzzle. The healthy Libra within us gives over that piece so that it can contribute to a bigger puzzle, in symbiotic harmony with the other pieces around it.

There is always a larger story playing out behind the scenes, beyond the limitations of the polarity of signs being illuminated by the Sun & Moon’s transit.

So to put the full moon story playing out for 2019 into perspective we are going to explore the other aspects.

Chiron, an asteroid-turned-centaur-turned-comet-turned-dwarf planet, has moved into Aries for a 9-year transit which should hopefully help to clear up the confusion around its true identity.

Chiron’s placement in the sky shows where we are being initiated through a process of healing. This process can be painful & often uncomfortable as we confront the truth but it always serves to make us stronger in that area of life.

In Aries, we are going to be going through an identity crisis where we are challenged to find our true self underneath all of the masks we wear in the world & behind our screens on social media.

Chiron in Aries serves to help us heal the wounded masculine.

We are going to be taking a much deeper look at ourselves & what it means to be connected with our souls’ purpose rather than playing life as an ego centred competitive game.

At the time of this full moon, Chiron will be in a tight 1-degree orb conjunction with the Sun which also rules the masculine, ego self.

What does this mean?

We are being initiated into this 9-year cycle of uncovering our true self at this full moon by being confronted with our insecurities & where our egos are damaged.

We are being asked to look at our wounds around our sense of self, our body, our individuality. While at the same time, considering that we are not alone. That each of us are suffering & none of us are perfect. We are all striving for a sense of inner & outer harmony.

If we can stretch beyond the confines of our ego who would have us believe we are the only ones, that we are damaged & useless, we will see love. The more we can learn to LOVE ourselves, the more we will love others. The more we can all be the best versions of ourselves.

With the absence of the toxic masculinity of our culture that resides in each of us to a certain extent whether we are man or woman, there will be:

  • Less violence.
  • Less depression.
  • Less anxiety.
  • Less eating disorders.
  • Less body dysmorphia.
  • Less comparison.
  • Less isolation & loneliness.

This solves many of the world’s problems including the over-consumption & waste created by humans because if we are operating at our own free will, existing as we are truly destined to with an accurate sense of our soul self, ACCEPTING who we are, we will not buy into the current ‘religion’: consumerism.

We are being brainwashed into believing that if we change & alter ourselves with products, to look like the celebrities which act as ‘deities’-

We will be happy.

This falsehood is going to start to become apparent to many over this next 9 years but as with any Chiron transit, the open wounds must be (ad)dressed, nursed & cared for before they can heal.

The final note to take away from this full moon in Libra: Look for the love in everyone you meet. What you love about them is a reflection of your own inner beauty. Competition does not serve anymore. We are all in this together.


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