February 5th 2019 – New Moon in Aquarius

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New Moon’s always present us with a fresh perspective. 

This is actioned by the Sun & Moon (masculine & feminine) joining forces. 
The masculine gives over its energy to compensate for the decrease in the light of the feminine. Consciousness makes space for the subconscious to be acknowledged.  

It’s like a glimpse of the whole picture. 

Intuition is heightened and insights into the bigger picture are more accessible. 
With intuition comes feeling & emotion. It’s important to have space & solitude in order to process what comes up to the surface to be dealt with. 
It’s crucial that e-motion (energy: in motion) has a cyclic opportunity to be felt, moved and expressed from our bodies or else it gets stored and trapped, clogging our energetic body causing physical and mental disharmony.  

The collective energy is more inward and feminine at New Moon.

It has been recorded that women, whose menstural cycles match the cycle of the moon, have been retreating during this time of month since before 800CE. New Moon correlates with mensturation, the shedding of the womb. 

Women hold a great deal of pyschic power but in order to use their gifts to be of service to the community, they need to get away from the demands of domestic life so that they can process & shed whatever is standing in their way with ease and intention. 

Men who hold more feminine qualities will find that they too require this time out. We all have varying degrees of feminine and masculine within us, the bodies of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are simply metaphoric of the extremes of each energetic polarity. 

The cycles of the Moon mirror the cycles within our psyche 
So regardless of whether you are born a man or woman, New Moon is a monthly check up, prescribed with inward journeying, rest & contemplation. 

  • How do you feel about events which have taken place recently? 
  • What has/hasn’t been working in your life?  
  • What do you wish to do differently moving forward into the next cycle?

The zodiac sign of the Sun & Moon will add a theme to each cycle 
The sign is simply the archetype being explored and emphasised collectively for that cycle. Different areas of life will be activated for each of us on a personal level depending on our birth charts. 

Other planetary aspects add to the story and no cycle is ever exactly the same. 

Let’s explore the themes and construct a story now for the 
New Moon in Aquarius 

Happening at 8:05 am, Tuesday the 5th of February 2019 AEST.
Aquarius is a sign that operates from a larger worldview and looks towards the future.  

Innovative ideas & eccentricity lead to new trends & technology, which bring excitement & freedom to a large number of people. 

We are in the Age of Aquarius right now which began in 2012. This age lasts for roughly 2,150 years! We truly are living in an interesting stage in history to observe the transition into a new astrological age. 

The Ages move backwards so Pisces was the dominating sign for the 2,150 years prior to 2012. This saw religion, spirituality, an obsession with death & the afterlife, illusion & deceit at the forefront of the times. 

But we have moved onto the era of Science. Much is developing & evolving technologically as well as socially. New platforms, such as this one, exist for us to communicate, educate, learn & expand our minds. We are now gifted with the ability to Google anything we are interested in and learn from the hard work others have put into understanding how something works.  

We are breaking free from social norms and there is a growing level of acceptance for people who choose to be different.  

But imagine this: We are just at the BEGINNING. 

The Aquarius Age will continue for another 2,143 years! 
There is an immense amount of progression ahead of us. 

But what are the less desirable traits of Aquarius? Furthermore, what is the potential of where we could end up with such an emphasis on this energy

Aquarius is very detached emotionally and personally. Much energy can go into outward pursuits and we could end up creating so much high tech Artificial Intelligence that we get overtaken by robots. It’s possible!  

We may not be around in these bodies to witness it happening but, Aquarius has us thinking towards the possibilities of such happenings for future generations. 

With the rise of machines which create so many possibilities for harnessing resources from the Earth we need to be very aware of the consequences of doing so! 

This same concept can be translated to many scenarios, in other words; 
When we are so preoccupied with thought and ideas (Aquarius= Air) we can become completely disconnected from the ground and become destablised from our core, our roots & our homes: our earth and bodies. 

A perfect breeding ground for robots to assimilate control over our species! 
Okay, okay, enough talk about robots for now…. 

So what does this have to do with the New Moon in Aquarius? 

Well, this transit is an opportunity to harness the fantastic qualities that Aquarius has to offer and make intentions to impliment them in our lives.  
The more people who are armed with this knowledge and begin to make conscious decisions, the more likely our future generations are to live in a world with unlimited possibilities. 

The planet Mercury is also hanging out with the Sun & Moon at this check in point. 

Mercury represents the mind & communication of thought. Where Aquarius can have ideas and visions which are complicated to explain, Mercury finds a way to deliver the message.  

With no other planets in compromising aspects to each other, it is an opportunistic time to intellectualise those unconventional approaches to life so that we may integrate & impliment them. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” 

Some questions to ponder: 

  • How does the technology in my life add value? 
  • How can I use it more effectively? 
  • Where can I make sacrifices in my personal life for the good of humanity? 
  • Can I be more accepting of change? 

Some sample wishes to send out to the universe: 

  • “I wish for a brilliant & inventive solution to occur to me in regards to the solution of____” 
  • “I wish all fears from being unique & eccentric completely lifted from me” 
  • “I wish to be successful in courageously following my dream of____” 
  • “I wish to feel a sense of equality & involvement with others” 
  • “I wish to have the confidence to greet unexpected change as positive opportunities” 
  • “I wish to attract & enrol in the right class that will open me to the knowledge that I seek” 
  • “I wish to attract a tribe that will support me in growing to my fullest potential” 


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