February 20th 2019 – Full Moon in Virgo

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Full Moon’s are always a point of pressure, where we have become so full of ourselves, our work, a relationship, a project, a habit- whatever it may be- that something has to give and we must let go of it.

The opposing forces are the Sun & Moon, Masculine & Feminine- like Ying & Yang the balance of them is critical for harmony to exist. 

And so we travel around the cosmic mandala, each month exploring a set of signs and finding our unique, individual expression of what it means to have or seek a balance between them.

Of course, the outer planets are always in different places in the sky than they’d have been any other year that the sets of signs have their go at the Sun-Moon cosmic show, thus the themes are forever different in their make up.

In this article we will first explore the signs Virgo & Pisces and then elaborate on the bigger picture playing out:

  • Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces square Jupiter in Sag
  • Saturn conjunct Venus
  • Mars conjunct Uranus out of sign
  • Mars trine Moon + Sextile Sun

Let’s talk about the Virgo & Pisces polarity.
Now both are to do with service. Both are to do with sacrifice.

Virgo is Earth so the service is practical, tangible & measurable, like through perfecting a skill for a job that contributes to the world.
The sacrifice is the energy taken from other areas of life to go towards the focus on the perfection of that skill. It is dedicated, pure, like the Virgin Mary who serves by mothering Jesus. It is mundane, every day routine domestics that upkeep the environment & body so that one can be optimal to perform their service. In this way, Virgo is self serving.

Pisces is Water so the service is of an immeasurable, intangible & unconditional kind like caring for the sick or dying, being dedicated to a higher purpose than limited to this realm.

The sacrifice here is of oneself. The Self doesn’t rank highly when the waters of existence are so vast & deep, in fact, one can have a complete disconnection to their body & their needs. In this way, Pisces is self-sacrificial.

Mercury is the ruler over Virgo so the logical mind is active. Self enquiry, evaluation & criticism are all methods with which to create the perfect algorithm for life.

Neptune is the ruler over Pisces so the emotional mind is active. Intuition, romance & idealism are all lenses through which to experience a perfect life.

Too far on either end and we can be in trouble.

The perfect place to be is somewhere in the middle, where discrimination meets inner wisdom, constructive criticism meets compassion, and one’s preoccupation with the earthly realm neither the outer realms are taken too seriously.

We have had a theme playing out with Full Moon’s over the past few months & will continue for a couple more- that is being at 00 degrees, the very beginning of each sign.

This speaks of fresh beginnings, the pioneer stage. Off we go on our mission.

However, Full Moons always require some kind of release.
So the chapter kicks off with some shedding before it really even begins.

Already we are thrust into working out how we can find our magical balance between Virgo & Pisces and we have barely been exposed to their transit.

We have however had an emphasis on water & earth transits of late so we are finding that balance within our feminine- earth & spirit side.

Neptune & Mercury are in Pisces at 15 & 16 degrees. This conversation inspires enhanced imagination so the exploration of meditation, art, music, mysteries or occult subjects will be beneficial! Intuition & psychic awareness are heightened especially for those who are sensitive.  However, it is also possible for this to manifest as misconception of words & events, paranoia & confusion which ultimately lead to deception. Beware of perceiving the world through rose coloured glasses & playing the victim!

This is likely to end up in embarrassing exposure as we have Neptune squaring Jupiter in effect for most of 2019, causing our delusional beliefs to be wrung & aired out. Anything we have been righteous about, lied or exaggerated; is bound to come out this year.

Mercury will square Jupiter on the 22nd of February amplifying our confidence causing exaggeration in story telling, making promises we can’t keep, lying to get the upper hand in a conversation. Impatience & being scattered all over the place is likely as is a lack in concentration.

This creates a challenge as the Moon in Virgo needs routine, reliability & structure in order to feel fulfilled. The Moon is our emotional side so if we don’t have order or feel good about ourselves & our work we will become down on ourselves and others, over criticising.

Virgo pulls us back into our bodies & asks us to look after our sacred temples with healthy food and movement. This is a time to celebrate our bodies abilities to sustain themselves through all of their detailed systems.

Full Moon’s aren’t about starting new ventures but rather celebrating what already is. So it’s a great time to give thanks & blessings to our bodies!

This is a golden opportunity for us to anchor ourselves in our every day lives, celebrating that the earth gives us nourishment & keeps us grounded enough to perfect our skills.  Virgo also rules rituals & ceremonies of all kinds, including your morning coffee! Doing rituals today will support & center you while we have these more challenging conversations & stories playing out so that you don’t fall victim to the attractive illusive escapism.

Saturn conjunct Venus in Capricorn helps to balance out the wishy-washy ethereal Pisces energy bringing longevity & responsibility in relationships and finances to the table. It is very practical with love & money… So much so that it may even be frugal. The beauty of this coming together with the Pisces energy is a hopefully a middle ground of generosity & kindness with realistic expectations of what one can give.

Mars in harmonious trine aspect to Moon in Virgo just days after its conjunction to Uranus & at the beginning degrees of Earthy Taurus is very supportive giving the Moon energy to celebrate while keeping us grounded and occupied with abundance in the material plane while at the same time keeping us with one foot in the realms which are not limited to materialism.

Overall this is a nice, ultra-feminine Full Moon that will ensure we maintain integrity and a sense of respect for ourselves & the earth while we explore the unseen.

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