The Astrological Moon Phases

The Moon is one of the most beautiful planetary bodies we can explore in our astrological chart. This luminary functions on a physical, psychic, and internal level when seen through…

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Elements and Modalities

The elements and modalities are some of the categories that have been created for the signs in astrology. They help group and organize the information we are interpreting. We will…

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The Aspects

As you get to know more about the signs and planets it is now time to start to integrate the information through what is called aspects. In astrology aspects are…

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The Zodiac Signs

The 12 signs of the Western zodiac are foundational archetypes in astrology. They give your chart context and let us know where in the sky the planets were located the…

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The Planets in Astrology

 After getting familiar with how a chart is structured you are ready to get to know the “players” on the map. The planets are extremely important on your journey in…

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