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Have you heard of Mercury retrograde? Wondering what it means? Well, let’s explore the basics.

A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky from our perspective on Earth. First, it is observed to stop, known as stationing, before drifting backwards at the same speed as it would usually move forwards, then stationing & moving direct once again.

The effects this has on us collectively depends on what constellation/s (zodiac sign) the planet is moving back & forth through & then the personal effects depend on which house in our individual birth chart that sign falls in.

The significance is that the planet will go back & forth over a particular area of life, placing much more of an emphasis on it for a few weeks. This gives us a chance to retrace our steps & dig a little deeper into the theme so we can integrate whatever lessons the universe has in store for us.

Mercury is a planet which in astrology represents the mind, thought & communication. So during this time, we are forced to reconsider our thoughts, perception & words relative to the other themes playing out in the sign/s.

Mercury retrogrades happen about 3 times a year, for three weeks at a time.

The cycle of Mercury moving backwards often brings about miscommunications both verbally & digitally. Mercury governs the delivery of messages, so in our modern world when it is taking a break our attempts to send emails or give & receive information for bookings can be frustratingly delayed.

Some people choose not to book holidays or the signing of important contracts during this time and instead take the opportunity to give their minds a break & to observe the trickster in full form; like at the supermarket when the eftpos machine inconveniently stops working or your laptop dies & your due assignment is lost.

It is helpful to be aware of when Mercury is retrograde so that you double check everything & tread with caution. But don’t fret! These are wonderful opportunities to emerge afterwards with maybe more clarity than before. There are profound lessons in natures cycles.

Mercury retrograde dates 2019:

March 5th – March 28th  – Retrograde in Pisces

This will be an especially difficult time for communication where dreaminess & escapism cloud our perception potentially leading to deceit & delusion. This energy is best utilised for meditation, art, dance, anything which takes us into a flow state & connects us with the divine energies of creation. Beware of taking much too seriously, especially belief systems.

July 8th – August 1st  – 
Retrograde in Leo & moves back into Cancer

This transit will place emphasis on how big our Ego’s are or how much we hold ourselves back from shining. We will be challenged to learn how to communicate boldly from our hearts. Moving back into Cancer will ensure we can then feel what we think is in our hearts to determine if we are in alignment with our truth before Mercury goes direct & enters Leo again for us to forge ahead with clarity.

November 1st – November 21st  – Retrograde in Scorpio

Situations will emerge to confront us with that which is hidden & buried in our subconscious so that we can forgive & move on. Anything from the past which has caused shame, guilt or spite will come to the surface to be acknowledged. We must be honest with ourselves & others in order to reap the benefits of transformation.

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