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We are Merchants of the Sky.
Carefully creating, collecting and curating astrology charts,
to help fearless self-explorers navigate their way.

About Us

At Above + Within, our intent is to inspire you to discover your natural talents, illuminate your shadows and cultivate more self-love.

Above + Within is the alchemy of our founder, Jeerish’s profession as a graphic designer and her ongoing study of the realm of astrology. We offer astrological birth chart artworks to help navigate the oceans of life.

These celestial pieces serve a dual purpose for the recipient: they function as beautiful artworks to adorn your home with and are powerful tools for personal growth and self-discovery.

We are infiltrating the mainstream noise with astrological tools designed to inspire intrigue. Each of our designs is created with intention and delivers the blueprint to your soul.

Our Mission:

To restore astrology to the hearts, minds and homes of the people.

Meet our founder

Hey, I’m Jeerish, Captain Creative at Above + Within.

As you may have noticed I have an Alter ego that runs the show around here (yes just like Beyoncé). She calls herself The Sky Merchant.

She’s a strong worldly woman. Navigating the oceans of her own life, her own way. She’s poetic and a bit theatrical, and I use her character to take visitors on a journey.

Drawing them in.

Inspiring Intrigue.

Sharing the love

Knowing my own birth chart has brought clarity and self-love to a place that was once filled with anxieties and doubt. It has changed my life and I couldn’t think of a better way to be of service than to share, inspire and educate others to master their own chart.

Learning Astrology has been such an empowering experience, something that I hope to pass onto our customers and community of self-explorers.

Our astrology chart categories

We understand that astrology can be a little overwhelming for a beginner.
To streamline your voyage, we have categorised our charts by levels of complexity.

Join our curious crew of self-explorers.We’d love to have you along for the voyage.

  • Free tools to help you understand your chart
  • Useful information about astrology and how to use it in life
  • Exclusive discounts and priority access to new designs


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