My Mission:

To restore astrology to the hearts, minds and homes of the people.

About Us



Why have such a big bold mission?

Learning Astrology and getting to know my own natal chart has been such an empowering and  life-changing experience. It’s brought clarity and self-love to a place that was filled with anxiety and doubt.

I literally couldn’t think of a better way to be of service than to share, inspire and educate others to know their own charts.

I’m also obsessed with turning complex ideas and information into easy to understand practical tools. My graphic design background they have to be beautiful too.

And that’s what our astrology charts are! Powerful tools for personal growth and self-discovery that you can adorn your home with.

Join our curious crew of self-explorers.We’d love to have you along for the voyage.

  • Free tools to help you understand your chart
  • Useful information about astrology and how to use it in life
  • Exclusive discounts and priority access to new designs



About Us


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