Personalised maps to help navigate the oceans of life.

Astrology charts and tools reimagined for the modern self-explorer.

How it works


Browse our range of beautiful astrological charts and choose one that suits your style and personal aesthetic or if you’re feeling generous, buy one as a gift!


Fill in the required details including name, date, time (to the minute) and location of birth. Modify details with advanced features including house system, aspects + objects.


We process your order with some magical final touches and send through a digital file or a printed solution as per your request. Enjoy your stunning artwork.

Not sure where to start?

We understand that astrology can be a little overwhelming for a beginner. To avoid any navigational errors, we have created a series of FREE resources - available for your perusal in our Library.

The Journey Begins...

You're ready to set sail on a voyage deep within.

To discover your natural talents, illuminate your shadows and cultivate more self-love.

But your a creative connoisseur and bland books and superficiality just won't do.

Help is here.

I'm a maven mapmaker learning to navigate the stars, creating astrological charts of self-reflection.

I offer an eclectic mix of curated artworks made specifically for the visually inclined conscious consumer.

Our Values + Promise to You

Digital Convenience

We offer high quality, digital downloads for all of our charts. Perfect for those who want to save on shipping costs or are making an urgent purchase.

Effortless Ordering

Choose a chart, fill in your details and voilà! You have a stunning artwork made just for you. It really is that easy.

Unique + Personalised

On a planet inhabited with billions, your birth chart is a truly one of a kind gift. We have a range of designs to suit your eclectic style, interests and personality.

Style + Design

As an ode to their power, we make sure our birth charts are enchanting and encourage the explorer to display them with pride. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing our designs on your walls.

Quality + Longevity

Above + Within is all about consciously creating products that customers will love, value and actually use for the rest of their lives.

Practical + Informative

Astrology helps us in all areas of our lives. Our celestial charts are a visual representation of your personal astrological information, delivered in a beautiful and clear format.